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Stew in the oven

Ingredients for cooking stew in the oven Main products: Pork (neck or leg) 400 grams Onions 100 grams Carrots 100 grams Sweet salad pepper 100 grams Eggplant 100 grams Cauliflower 100 grams Peas (fresh-frozen) 100 grams String beans (frozen) 100 grams Potatoes 500 grams Tomatoes in their own juice 250 grams Tomato paste 1 tablespoon Vegetable oil 2 tablespoons Parsley to taste Spices: Paprika 1 tablespoon (no slide) Garlic granules 1/2 teaspoon Salt 1 teaspoon or to taste Black pepper ground to taste Main ingredients Pork, Cabbage, Potato, Onion, Carrot, Pepper Portion 1 portion World cuisine Russian cuisine Print this list Inappropriate products?
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Side dishes

Stuffed Mushrooms with Ham

Ingredients for the preparation of stuffed champignons with ham Mushrooms (fresh) 12-15 pieces (large) Ham 100-150 grams Onions 1-2 pieces (medium) Cheese hard 80-100 grams Sour cream 3-4 tablespoons Fresh greens (dill or parsley ) 1 medium bunch or to taste and desire Vegetable oil 2-3 tablespoons for frying Salt to taste Ground black pepper to taste Purified water as needed Basic ingredients Ham, Onion, Mushrooms Portion 12-15 World cuisine Romanian cuisine Print list Inappropriate products ?
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Potato "pizza"

Peel the potatoes, wash them, cut them into cubes and put them to boil. Meanwhile, prepare the rest of the ingredients, cut into cubes, salami, ham, ham and mozzarella. , then add the eggs, one by one, add the rest of the ingredients, mixing well, season with salt (only if necessary) and perish.
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Bakery products

Tart with potatoes, mushrooms and onions

Ingredients for making tart with potatoes, mushrooms and onions For the dough Wheat flour 225 grams Cold butter 180 grams Cold water 6 tablespoons Stuffing Potatoes 2 pieces (large) Onions 2 pieces (large) Mushrooms (canned or fresh) 200-300 grams Cream 300 grams Eggs 2 pieces Hard cheese 150 grams Thyme to taste Salt to taste Ground pepper to taste Vegetable oil for frying Main ingredients Potato, Onion, Mushroom, Butter, Flour Portion 6-8 Print this list Inappropriate products?
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Avocado Crab Salad

Ingredients for making crab salad with avocado Main Crab meat 300 grams Avocado 1 piece Celery root 100 grams Fresh cucumber 3 pieces Parsley greens to taste Salt to taste For dressing Sour cream or mayonnaise 100 grams Lemon slices for decoration Main ingredients Crab, Avocado Por 3-4 Print list Products not suitable?
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Potato salad with chicken

Ingredients for making potato salad with chicken Boiled potatoes 3 pcs. Baked chicken meat 200 g Daikon radish 70 g Salad 1 bunch Olive oil 1 tbsp. l Mustard 1 tsp Sugar ½ tsp Balsamic vinegar 1 tsp. Salt ½ tsp Black pepper hammer. 1/3 tsp Main Ingredients Potato, Radish, Chicken, Sugar, Mustard Portion 6-8 Print this list Inappropriate products?
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