Pickled Hot Peppers

Pickled Hot Peppers

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Ingredients for Cooking Pickled Hot Peppers

  1. Hot pepper (not important, red or green) 1 kilogram
  2. Purified water 1.5 liters
  3. Salt 1.5 tablespoons
  4. Sugar 1.5 tablespoons
  5. Vinegar 9% 3 tablespoons
  • Main Ingredients Pepper
  • Portion4-5
  • World Cuisine


Saucepan, ladle, sterilized jar with a lid, tin can, dish towel, kitchen knife, cutting board, plastic gloves, colander, kitchen pot holders.

Cooking Pickled Hot Peppers:

Step 1: Prepare the hot peppers.

Important: all work with pepper should be carried out in plastic gloves and be careful, because if it enters the mucous membrane, juice can cause severe irritation and even burns.
Put the pepper in a colander and rinse with warm running water. Fix it on the weight and wait until all excess water drains. Now make small through cuts right under the stalk without cutting it. This is necessary so that no air remains inside the peppers. Very long ponytails can be cut so that they do not interfere with the placement of peppers in a jar.

Step 2: Harvest the pickled hot peppers.

Put prepared bitter peppers in a jar, tight to each other. Boil the indicated amount of clean water in a saucepan, and then carefully pour in the contents of the jar. Hold the peppers in hot water for 10 minutes. This should be enough to cool the jar and take it without burning.
Pour the water back into the pan, add salt and sugar to it in the indicated proportions. Bring the liquid to a boil, then pour in the vinegar and return it to the jar.
Close the peppers with a lid and wrap, thus ending conservation. It remains only to wrap the blank with a towel, turn over and wait until it cools. This usually takes a day, after which the workpiece must be turned back and left in storage until the time comes to serve the peppers to the table.

Step 3: Serve the pickled hot peppers.

Pickled hot peppers are served as an appetizer for fresh, salty or fatty dishes, as well as various meat dishes and strong drinks. It is best to simply put the prepared pods in a separate dish, decorating them with fresh slices of garlic or pickled tomatoes. Fans of thrills will definitely appreciate the piquant taste of the peppers prepared according to this recipe.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Optionally, in each jar, you can add bunches of fresh herbs, cloves, bay leaves and unpeeled garlic cloves.

- The recipe indicated here can be called basic, because on its basis we can create your own, which specifically suits your desires and the desires of your family.

- Also, in each jar, you can add bell pepper, cut into thick stripes. As a result of conservation, it is also impregnated and will become acute.

- In order for the canned pepper to be stored for as long as possible, carefully process, sterilize the jars before making the workpiece.


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