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Starch Pancakes

Starch Pancakes

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Starch Pancake Ingredients

  1. Potato starch 200 grams
  2. Milk 400 milliliters
  3. Chicken egg 2 pieces
  4. Vegetable oil 2 tablespoons
  5. Sugar 2 tablespoons
  6. 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • Main Ingredients Eggs, Milk
  • Serving 1 serving
  • World Cuisine


Teaspoon, Tablespoon, Deep bowl, Whisk, Frying pan, Soup ladle, Kitchen stove, Kitchen spatula, Large flat dish

Cooking Starch Pancakes:

Step 1: prepare the dough.

In a deep bowl we put the eggs and beat them with a whisk until splendid. After that we add whole pasteurized or fresh cow's milk, sugar, salt, vegetable oil and potato starch to them. We mix everything thoroughly until a homogeneous consistency without clumping lumps; as a result, a very liquid dough is obtained. It’s not worth worrying because of this, just starch does not dissolve in dairy products, but thickens during frying!

Step 2: fry the pancakes.

Now we put the pan on medium heat and give it the opportunity to become very hot. After some time, with the help of a ladle, pour a little starchy dough on its bottom, and so that it spreads in an even layer, with a circular motion of the hand we tilt the pan at an angle of 30 degrees.

Then again we put it on the fire and fry the pancake on both sides to a pale beige color, approximately 30-40 seconds with each. Then, helping ourselves with a kitchen spatula, we transfer the resulting product to a large flat dish and in the same way we fry the remaining pancakes until the dough ends.

Step 3: serve the starched pancakes.

Starch pancakes are served warm. If desired, after frying, they are greased with butter, filled with sweet or salty filling, and also used as the basis for cakes or pies.

On the edges, the pancakes are crispy, and in the middle, on the contrary, very tender. This dish will appeal to everyone, without exception. Enjoy delicious and easy-to-cook food!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- pancakes can be cooked in a sheet of paper. Just pour the dough into the pan, wait a couple of seconds, let it set, and pour the leftovers back into the bowl. At the bottom of the dishes will remain a very thin layer, which after frying on both sides will turn into a wonderful elegant, almost transparent pancake;

- if desired, for viscosity, a couple of spoons of sifted wheat flour can be added to the dough;

- if you want to cook pancakes for a sweet filling, add a bag of vanilla sugar, cinnamon or cloves to the dough, and if for salt, fragrant peppers, cardamom, dried herbs;

- products for the test can be mixed with a mixer.


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